The Science of Engaging Your Audience

The Science of Engaging Your Audience


Have you ever sat down in a boring meeting and wondered how you got there in the first place and in so doing, felt like a baby being forcefully fed with something close to disgusting? This is how most people feel when they are not being engaged in a particular presentation --- forced, unwanted, irrelevant, and blank. This is not how you would want your readers to feel, especially when your presentation is delivered online.

According to some of the best speakers in the world, there is a science behind engaging an audience. One does not simply go out there and talk, banking merely on preconceived talent. Engaging your audience and maintaining that engagement is a process that requires thinking and dedication.

Unlike traditional techniques where you can actually see your audience, online methods prove to be a lot trickier because, although it caters to a much wider audience, you are separated by virtual walls.

The primary factor to consider would always have to be knowing who your target audience is. Since websites are most likely to be accessible to anyone and perhaps, everyone, yours must be designed to fit perfectly to the needs of your target, from first glance onwards.

Using compelling images or creative visuals are helpful in leading your audience to what you want to convey, while at the same time encouraging them to pay attention.

Include humour in your presentation. As in all other demonstrations, making room for wit in the midst of monotonous, stern business is essential to keep your listeners, or in this case, your readers, from falling asleep, walking away, or simply shutting down your site. Difficult as it seems, humour can be carried online by the use of words and images that are both entertaining and informative.

Once you’ve established your online relevance and have made secure connections with your audience, expound on your content by telling your audience what your website is all about. Strengthen your hold by attaching your content with your audience’s knowledge, interest, and experience. Be concrete, specific, and meaningful in your discussions and make your subject more personal by relating them to your own vision and experiences, as well. Use language that is clear to the ear, by avoiding unnecessary verbosity. Remember that in fetching your audience, what matters more is how you express your intent than fixating on trying to impress them.

Engaging your audience is, of course, a two-way street. That being said, connecting with them by providing for avenues where they can send in their queries or where you can mesh in tête-à-tête real time, would be very appealing to them.

The whole point of going through the science of engaging your audience is to get them interested and to get them to listen to, or read about, you. Whether it be real-time or virtual, traditional or online, your audience is what matters and all other factors relating to them would depend on what they desire.

Like in all sorts of science, this is a process that takes time for mastery. Grow in your discovery of yourself and in your progression, you will find the voice to perfectly fit the messages you would want to convey --- hopefully, the right avenue finds its way to you, as well.

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