Start a Startup: Idea Stage

Start a Startup: Idea Stage

Idea Stage

Every big success is created from an idea borne in the mind of those who are determined to see it through fruition and begins with one small step: a decision. Once you’ve made the decision to start a business, the next rational step would be to think and decide as to what that business would be. In a time when technology has begun to offer a number of outlets for creative minds, deciding the kind of business you’d want to venture in may be both a headache and a sweet breeze for beginners.

Here are a few tips that may guide you in making that one decision that starts the ball rolling: the idea that gives birth to your future.

  1. Sometimes, it begins with the “what if”.

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming of several possibilities that you can make into a reality? There may have been moments when you’d tell yourself, “what if this happened?” or “what if this could be done?”. There are limitless possibilities that could pop up in your head and bear fruit to the next big thing.

While doing so, allow yourself to be submerged in those thoughts. List them down.

  1. Problems, problems, and more problems.

The best inventions ever made were fruits of perceived problems in the past. Think of the many problems the world, or your own personal world, has, and in there you’ll find that there are just the same number of solutions which can open doors for your new business.

  1. Look in the mirror.

Sometimes, the answers to our questions lie in our own very core. Look at the mirror, grab a pen and paper, and list down the things that interest you and those that don’t. Think of it as if you were making your own profile. No need to overthink things at this point. Just go and assess yourself.

Many risk-takers in several industries have decided to build their businesses to primarily cater to their own personal interests and needs. Who knows? It could work the same magic with you.

  1. Brainstorm.

They say, “two heads are better than one”; but, wouldn’t more heads be better than one? Form a group and brainstorm about the various ideas that you all have. Share, collate, and collaborate. Or, to make things simple: talk. And then jot down notes.

Be in a community that would mentally challenge you and your ideas and provide you with the criticism that you need as early as the idea is being born. Feedback from the outset is an important factor that can bring out the best in you.

  1. Inspiration.

Explore your own sources of inspiration, such as your family, friends, job, profession, country, or even your pets. Ideas that are more personal to those who came up with them would usually last longer in the get-go, than those that were thought of in a rush. Think of the things that inspire you the most and let your ideas flourish from there. Improvements in our technology nowadays are stemmed from the inspiration of making our lives a lot easier and of our world being more connected than ever. Take it from there.

Ideas pop and burst; they come and go. The itch of starting your own business should not hasten you into entering it without much thought. So many things are to be considered beyond intentions alone. But remember that what separates successful people from those who are not is that successful people don’t watch things happen. They make things happen.

Make things happen.

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